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Cards at the Ready: Online Spending Up By Over 10%

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Australians’ online spending has risen by more than 10% in a year, as the 2013 total approaches $15 billion. Measured by proportion, however, this remains some way behind other major Western economies.

credit card online (article_02bc)National Australia Bank’s online retail sales index has shown that $14.6 billion was spent between November 2012 and November 2013 – over 10% higher than the previous year.

Consequently, the calendar year of 2013 could see figures approaching $15 billion, depending on how many people turned to their credit cards to complete their Christmas shopping online.

And despite concerns about the ease of buying abroad, well over $10 billion of this online spending has remained in Australia, benefiting domestic retailers.


Living the High Life

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

There’s motorhomes and campervans. And then there’s this: a mobile home with a difference (if not quite so mobile any more).

Bruce Campbell, an American engineer captivated by planes, has spent a total of $220,000 creating his dream home inside a decommissioned Boeing 727-200 jet.

The retired Olympic Airways jet was bought for $100,000 in 1999, and has since been converted into a mobile home. The fuselage has been stripped of its seating and now comprises a living area, bedroom and office – a renovation job which ended up costing $117,000.

It’s been an exhilarating project, the engineer decrees. The 727 jet now sits modestly tucked away in the woodlands of Oregon, and is becoming quite the tourist attraction.


Banking in Australia and Great Britain: A Comparison

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

It’s not unusual for Aussies to shadow the UK’s developments, and in many cases, to learn lessons from them.

Firstly, there was the MPs expenses scandal, which struck the UK back in 2009. This prompted a small probe by Australia’s Daily Telegraph into the practices of Canberra MPs.

But it’s only really struck notoriety in 2012, with the report into MP Craig Thomson and the revelations about credit card misuse by a number of government departments.

There’s also the case of Australian banks. Having witnessed the collapse of Northern Rock in the UK and the considerable bailout afforded to the Royal Bank of Scotland, large Australian banks have kept revenues and profits high.

There will be few who argue against the merits of strong banks, particularly given the fate of European and American counterparts. Many of these are now under investigation for alleged manipulation of the inter-bank lending rate during the inception of the global financial crisis.

But for many, it’s hard to accept the banks’ ability to pull in record profits during a global financial crisis, when many are living on the breadline and trying to negotiate their way through a stuttering economy.


Longer, But Better Days: Australians Adopt British Work-Life Balance

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Changing Office CultureShowering at the office? Shopping online during the day? Facebook and Twitter time?

It seems that Aussies have begun adopting a British work-life culture that extends far beyond normal office-hours, but they seem just fine with it!

UK-based company Mozy has found that the working day has extended to 12 hours as employees keep tabs on email and work accounts from 7am in the morning until 7pm in the evening.

But with that comes more flexibility, as workers have more freedom to perform ablutions at the office, do their shopping online, conduct their finances online, or spend time on social networks.


No Credit Check Loans

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

There are various reasons why you may be having a low credit score, some of which include defaults, arrears, late payments, foreclosures, bankruptcy and missed payments among others. This can have a number of inconveniences when applying for funding but you can have it easy by knowing the kind of loans to apply for. One easy way of going around this is to apply for a no credit check loan where the lender will not even look at your credit history.

Considerations on a no credit check loan

Security: even when applying for a loan without credit check, you can choose between a secured and an unsecured loan. If you only require some little cash, you can comfortably go for the latter but you will stand higher chances of getting some huge amount by applying for a secured loan. This is where you should prepare some property that the lender can go after if you fail to fully clear your debt on the amount of cash you get.

Quotes comparison: it doesn’t matter whether you are searching for online lenders or local lenders but the truth of the matter is that you will get a huge number of them. You should therefore maximize on this to ensure that you apply for your no credit check loan with the lender offering the most competitive rates and easier terms. You can realize this through quotes comparison and this is quite easy since you will get the quotes for free.

Applying online:  nowadays, people with internet access can easily shop for most products online and this is now possible even when applying for a no credit check loan. A simple search through the web will only take a matter of seconds to generate a list of lenders ready to offer the loans and you can check out their offers to find the best. Online application is advantageous because:

  • You will only need to have internet access
  • Filling in an online application form is very easy and fast
  • Approval and processing of the funds is faster

With online application, one should be careful when submitting some personal details as these can get misused if they fall in the wrong hands. Always go for online lenders with secure websites and ensure that the lender is also in a position to keep such details confidential. It is also wise to check the lending history of the lender you are considering.

Applying for a no credit check loan is a quick solution to getting financial aid when your credit score is poor or when you have no credit. You can also improve on such situations by ensuring that repayments on the loan are made in time.


Friday, December 16th, 2011

It hasn’t been a particularly good year for banks across the globe.

Many are still being downgraded by credit ratings agencies. Standard & Poor’s, addressed in the last post here, upset leading European figures when it issued a threat of widespread sovereign downgrades on the eve of the European summit.

Many banks and governments alike are struggling to raise funds or to find manageable rates at which to borrow. Those that can, on the other hand, are exploiting every drop of political advantage they can muster.

Many banks are commiting various kinds of atrocities. Many are simply finding ways – even unwittingly – to frustrate their customers.


A number of UK banks have been caught up in scandals involving the elderly. As reported on our sister blog in the UK, a succession of banks have been caught and fined for mis-selling risky investment products to vulnerable consumers. Pensioners of 83 years on average were pressured into investing six-figure sums of their inheritence into long-term risk-heavy products, often when they were not even expected to survive the investment term. Collectively, banks have faced compensation payments approaching £150 million ($233 million).