Colonic Irritation: Emoticons Double Text Message Charges

SmartPhone Text Charges:) :( :) :( Smartphone users could be paying more for their text messages if they use common emoticons that include bullet points.

iPhone and Samsung smartphone users who regularly add a smiling face could end up sporting a frown after it was revealed that some are being charged twice for messages that include colons.

Telstra, Australia’s leading provider of mobile devices and broadband, has admitted that the punctuation caused a coding issue on certain models that reduced the number of characters that a single message could contain.

The terms of service stipulate a set of ‘non-standard characters’, including bullet points, that, when included, incurs greater charges if messages exceed 70 characters in length.

A spokesperson for Telstra said that the problem was caused by the technology used to send messages rather than the handsets. Customers should keep emoticon-laden messages shorter to avoid being charged double.

It is not a handset or a phone company rule but rather the technology used to send messages… Most phones allow customers to see how long their messages are.

Are you a Telstra client with an iPhone or Samsung smartphone? It might be wise to rein in the visuals and save yourself a packet.

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