Super City Coming to Korea

We recently wrote an article about a great new mobile home that’s available – read more about it here – but today we bring you an even outrageous place to live.

With the announcement of Star Wars VII last week, it’s only fitting that South Korea have decided to create a city that wouldn’t look out of place amongst the cities that Luke Skywalker would visit.

In an attempt to boost tourism to the country, South Korea have started a project that could rival that of Dubai for it’s beauty.

City of the Future

The proposed design stretches an impressive 80 square kilometres, spread over a figure of eight layout – which is where the name 8City comes from – making it the largest single tourism plan in the world.

This will include a “megastrip” that – an astounding 200 metres high, 800 metres wide and over 3 kilometres long – will add to the city’s records as the largest single architectural building in the world.

Amongst the many buildings that will make up this city of the future, there will be; luxury hotels, casinos, theme parks, shopping centres, a concert hall and even a Formula One racing track!

When asked to describe the project developer Park Seong-Hyun, vice chairman of EIGHTCITY Co., said that “it will become the world’s top city that has the creativity of Dubai, convention centres and casinos of Las Vegas and Macau, as well as the shopping centres and financial hubs of Hong Kong and Singapore.”

The Cost of Being World Beating

As you can imagine, this luxury won’t come without a hefty price tag.

The project – which is scheduled for completion by 2030 – will be funded by the city and investors. And with $2.8 billion already secured from South Korean investors and a further $1 billion from the UK’s SanBar Development Corporation, it looks like it’s well on it’s way. Or so you’d think.

The final price of the project will come to a mind-boggling $264 billion, making the $3.8 billion a drop in the ocean. But with investment coming in all the time, it won’t be long until this city becomes a reality and sets a new bench mark for excellent design and outrageous spending.

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