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Which4U Australia – An Introduction

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

If you are unfamiliar with Which4U Australia, you could be asking yourself exactly what you’ve stumbled across. So here is a small introduction to the fantastic online resource that we provide to help you. Our motto is ‘Compare. Choose. Apply & SAVE’ and that is what we intend to help you do. is a price-comparison website. We compare credit cards, savings accounts, home loans, insurance, and more. We don’t make decisions for you or take any money for our service, we simply give you the best options that are available on the market.

It’s as simple as that.

Something Extra…

On top of helping you to save a few dollars on those products that we all need, we help you to keep ahead of the curve.  All of the latest money news is available daily on our site (you can subscribe to our feed on your smartphone via the code at the bottom of the article),  providing you with information on upcoming changes to financial products and guides on how to make sure you get the best deals.

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Keep in Touch

We’re not just about business here at Which4U AU. We like to keep in touch with you and provide you with ways to share and keep up to date with everything that is important to you and your financial needs. If you have something to share, feel free to post something on our wall and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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We are always happy to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to send your views to us. You can also email us by visiting our site and heading to the Contact Us section at the bottom of the home page.

No Credit Check Loans

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

There are various reasons why you may be having a low credit score, some of which include defaults, arrears, late payments, foreclosures, bankruptcy and missed payments among others. This can have a number of inconveniences when applying for funding but you can have it easy by knowing the kind of loans to apply for. One easy way of going around this is to apply for a no credit check loan where the lender will not even look at your credit history.

Considerations on a no credit check loan

Security: even when applying for a loan without credit check, you can choose between a secured and an unsecured loan. If you only require some little cash, you can comfortably go for the latter but you will stand higher chances of getting some huge amount by applying for a secured loan. This is where you should prepare some property that the lender can go after if you fail to fully clear your debt on the amount of cash you get.

Quotes comparison: it doesn’t matter whether you are searching for online lenders or local lenders but the truth of the matter is that you will get a huge number of them. You should therefore maximize on this to ensure that you apply for your no credit check loan with the lender offering the most competitive rates and easier terms. You can realize this through quotes comparison and this is quite easy since you will get the quotes for free.

Applying online:  nowadays, people with internet access can easily shop for most products online and this is now possible even when applying for a no credit check loan. A simple search through the web will only take a matter of seconds to generate a list of lenders ready to offer the loans and you can check out their offers to find the best. Online application is advantageous because:

  • You will only need to have internet access
  • Filling in an online application form is very easy and fast
  • Approval and processing of the funds is faster

With online application, one should be careful when submitting some personal details as these can get misused if they fall in the wrong hands. Always go for online lenders with secure websites and ensure that the lender is also in a position to keep such details confidential. It is also wise to check the lending history of the lender you are considering.

Applying for a no credit check loan is a quick solution to getting financial aid when your credit score is poor or when you have no credit. You can also improve on such situations by ensuring that repayments on the loan are made in time.

Getting The Best Funeral Insurance Plan for Australians

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Preparing for the inevitable is something that many people may not want to think about but it is necessary to have a financial plan in place for when the day comes. Funeral insurance provides the safety net to cover the numerous funeral costs without putting unnecessary burdens on loved ones. By paying for the insurance monthly, Australians can have a pre-paid, comprehensive package available when a loved one dies.

Funeral Insurance Defined

Funeral Insurance is a pre-paid policy that can cover all the costs involved with the funeral. Monthly payments are made by the insured to the insurance company. Upon the death of the insured, the funeral director will receive the funds to cover the costs for all aspects of the funeral from body preparation to chapel service to burial. The big advantage of funeral insurance is that it allows the insured to take advantage of current prices and not have to pay the prices that may be in effect at the time of death.

Reasons to Have Funeral Insurance

Death will occur, so having the costs covered upfront makes good sense. As mentioned above, having funeral insurance that is paid monthly removes a significant financial burden that may exist when a person dies. It is also beneficial because the insured can make plans well ahead of the time when emotions will not affect decision-making. More careful thought and planning can occur upfront when a funeral insurance policy is purchased.


Jumping Into the Gold Investment Market

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Gold is a commodity that has been used throughout history as a medium of exchange. While it has been replaced as the primary means of exchange, it is still commonly used as a form of investment. One of the nice things about investing in gold is that you know it will always have some kind of value, even if financial markets struggle or collapse. If you’re interested in getting involved in the gold market, there are a few different ways that you could approach the process.

Buying Physical Gold

One way that you could choose to get involved in the gold market is to buy gold bullion. This could involve buying and holding gold bars or gold coins. When getting involved in this type of investment, you have to consider that liquidity of your investment. For example, if you decide to cash out your investment at some point, you’ll have to sell an entire piece. If you have a gold bar, selling gold can be difficult because it is worth so much for a single piece that the available buyers are limited. Holding smaller pieces usually works better because you have more potential buyers to work with. When holding physical gold, you also have to consider the safety of warehousing it and shipping it to a buyer. Finding gold buyers may not always be easy and you’ll need to figure out how to get paid while sending the gold to a buyer when you want to cash out.


Another way that some investors choose to get involved in the gold market is by buying shares of funds that focus on gold investment. For example, mutual funds and exchange traded funds are two options to consider when you want to get started with gold. Gold mutual funds usually focus on buying stocks of gold mining companies. By comparison, gold ETF’s actually buy gold for the portfolio. This makes the gold ETF more of a pure play on gold speculation. With the gold mutual fund, you are getting more of a leveraged investment on gold. This happens because when gold prices change, the profits of the company can change rapidly. The mining company’s costs stay roughly the same, but the profits can fluctuate drastically.

One of the advantages of investing in either one of these types of fund is that you can get started for a relatively low initial investment. By comparison, investing in gold bullion would require you to put up thousands of dollars all at once.

Futures and Option Contracts

If you wish to take a more direct approach to speculating on gold, buying futures and options contracts are other options to consider. With a futures contract, you agree to buy or sell a specific amount of gold on a certain date in the future. With an options contract, you get the option of buying or selling a contract by a date in the future, without being committed to it.

Regardless of which option you choose to pursue, getting started in gold makes sense. Despite the economic uncertainty in today’s world, gold has been performing well and is poised to do so in the future.

Why Equity Release Schemes are Considered Best for Retirees

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Even a few years back, retirees used to lead tough lives after retirement. The majority was dependent on the typical pension schemes and therefore the income they used to derive at the end of the month was not enough to give them a pleasurable life.

With the advent of the property equity release schemes however, the retired Britons have started leading lavish lifestyles. It’s such a convenient scheme for retirees that they can now release lump sums against their own properties and in return fetch handsome earnings that can indeed show them a new way to live life king size.

As far as the current UK economic standards are concerned, the retirees can now breathe fresh air since diverse equity release schemes have been introduced in the recent times. Therefore, they are no more required to take stress or pains in hunting for retirement schemes.

Equity release schemes are perfectly designed to perk up the monetary standards and improve lifestyles of retirees who have always craved for a pleasant retired afterlife.

Five Reasons Why Forex Trading is Not Gambling

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

After doing my Forex trading for a long time already (where is my veteran’s medal by the way? I have been often facing the dilemma – should we, the traders, treat Forex market as Trading or Gambling?

No, we should not at any case, would be my short announcement for the reasons I put below. However, there is something to that question whilst opening up Forex positions carries a reasonable portion of uncertainty towards its trading success. Like betting on “red” can either make you richer or a poor mouse it’s “black.”

Myself, I met no Forex expert who could use his magic ball and, therefore, predict the certain trading outcomes. What to say! No one knows which way the USD is willing to go today and so forth.

Anyway, hoping for luck is one of the major reasons why more than 90% of Forex traders end up with more losses than gains. That is why I strongly recommend you to use money that you are ok to lose when opening your trading account.  You might lose it anyway so get morally prepared.

While the matter of comparing the Forex gambling and Forex trading is not totally groundless, it is also not precise, and below is a list of five attributes that distinguish the two industries.

1.  Numbers

I am sorry for being straight here, but considering the estimated money turnover for FX trading and gambling industry, I will say – “Gambling sucks!” Although the actual gambling numbers are hard for me to get, compared to the Forex market info where between two and five trillion dollars are traded daily. I am quite sure that these are the unbeatable numbers.

2.  Players

As the biggest market in the world, Forex uses a powerful and authoritative back-up by the most important financial institutions of the world.  As retailers, we should be quite calmed by the fact of such high-legitimacy support. Rather can gambling boast the same? Dealing with one-handed “bandits” has always caused the challenges on the legal front, but Forex is as legitimate as stocks or commodities, for instance. So why not put your money into the industry which is supported by law and morals?

3.   Tools

Considering that trading Forex remains a risky venture, we are not totally in the dark when opening our positions. There exist multiple FX schools that put their time and resources to eliminating as much of trading risk as possible. Whether you are a follower of technical analysis or a “Forex-news warrior” (e.g. trading NFP or FOMC reports) since you are sure that fundamental analysis is the right thing, Forex trading means no luck. By the way, if you want to trade with success, you certainly need to know best hours for Forex trading.

Each position we may open then has a considerable thinking and analysis behind it. I don’t think gambling has something like that to care for the return of your hard-earned.

4.  Emotions

Gambling grows the addiction – it’s the common fact to admit. Why is that happening? Because the emotions get control over people. If we think about an addicted casino gambler, he is unlikely to stop if he is winning a game by game. Greed rules the ball… In the end, this could lead to losing all of gambler’s money. So he bets and bets again.

However, in Forex the first rule for us to know is no emotions applied to trading. We must trade objectively, set our goals and stick to them. This simple truth prevents overcompensating with trades (when we lose money) or letting our greed to take over when we are profiting. The actual cure for defeating our emotions is my next point. Use trading strategies.

5.  Strategies

Sticking to FX trading strategies, which we develop for ourselves, kills two birds with one stone: it creates the base for fighting our emotions and richens our decision-making experience.  Never should we open a position randomly without having a clear vision on our goals and possible development of a trade.

Speaking of that, we can implement our strategy using our trading platforms. We use Stop Losses to get out of a trade when the plan says so, and we set Take Profits to close a trade in spite of greed’s telling us to get the more of it. We should stop our losses and take the profits because of trading strategies chosen. Weak human emotions must be left overboard.

So these are just five reasons why Forex trading and gambling will not ever “live” together. If you may some other things to ad you are kindly welcome. Anyway, we are the passengers of same Forex liner.

Provided by Alex Collins, senior developer at Forexeasystems.