Living the High Life

There’s motorhomes and campervans. And then there’s this: a mobile home with a difference (if not quite so mobile any more).

Bruce Campbell, an American engineer captivated by planes, has spent a total of $220,000 creating his dream home inside a decommissioned Boeing 727-200 jet.

The retired Olympic Airways jet was bought for $100,000 in 1999, and has since been converted into a mobile home. The fuselage has been stripped of its seating and now comprises a living area, bedroom and office – a renovation job which ended up costing $117,000.

It’s been an exhilarating project, the engineer decrees. The 727 jet now sits modestly tucked away in the woodlands of Oregon, and is becoming quite the tourist attraction.

The High Life, Mark II

The High Life (BBC)

“We’re living the high life, where everything’s swell.” The High Life, BBC.

It’s hard not to smile at the expression “living the high life”. The first episode of the BBC’s 1995 comedy series ‘The High Life’ sees two hapless Scottish stewards vying for promotion to Air Scotia’s long-haul crew.

“They have special toilet people that come on at Bangkok,” a pensive Sebastian claims.

Meanwhile on his 30th birthday, Steve is pointing to the influence of the ‘new Scottish positive thinking bible’ – Dinnae be Feart: Grab Life By the Nuts.

Mr Campbell has no doubt taken a leaf or several from this tome, and he’s not contemplating stopping at one jet refurbishment. Rather, he’s now looking further afield for assistance in creating a bigger and better second model – Airplane Home v.2.0 as he terms it.

So, any Australians with an eye for the unusual or with an indestructible credit card are welcomed to heed the call.

Only, don’t expect him to travel complete with home in tact. The mind races mischievously to the classic Western movie Any Which Way You Can, where Barry Corbin decides it’s quicker to get his passengers to the big fight by steering his plane along the roads.

Only, it’s difficult getting those slinky springs to strap in and sit still.


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