Longer, But Better Days: Australians Adopt British Work-Life Balance

Changing Office CultureShowering at the office? Shopping online during the day? Facebook and Twitter time?

It seems that Aussies have begun adopting a British work-life culture that extends far beyond normal office-hours, but they seem just fine with it!

UK-based company Mozy has found that the working day has extended to 12 hours as employees keep tabs on email and work accounts from 7am in the morning until 7pm in the evening.

But with that comes more flexibility, as workers have more freedom to perform ablutions at the office, do their shopping online, conduct their finances online, or spend time on social networks.

Employers are less rigid about strict punctuality at work, trusting that staff are essentially working long before they get to the office.

“The survey highlighted a blended approach to the work-life balance with workers starting and ending their working days well beyond the time spent in the office,” notes Mozy.

“However, they expect to be able to carry out more personal tasks during the working day and to extend their breaks to give them the freedom to enjoy social activities or complete chores.”

Australian Acts

The Regus Work-Life Balance Index shows that, on the one hand, Australian workers have toughened up their act, with many taking on extra duties since the financial crisis began.

On the other, they feel that their work-life balance has improved given the extra flexibility.

Director of Managing Work/Life Balance, Barbara Holmes, said that Australians were following British patterns into longer working days, but were endorsing it at the same time.

We don’t work 9 to 5 anymore. That whole rigid structure no longer exists. Yes. People may well be logging on at 7am to do their emails but people are working differently and may also be doing some personal things while they are in a work space. This could be just what people are looking for.

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